Recipes and Tips — red chili

How to make a Cajun Sheet Tray Dish

Salsa Queen teams up with @amongtheyoungs in making a Cajun Sheet Tray Dish. Watch how corn, jalapenos, potatoes, and onions transform into an amazing, authentic dish from Louisiana!


Mango Pineapple Pizza with bacon on a cauliflower crust!

Keto lovers rejoice! Here's a pizza with a cauliflower crust that combines the amazing flavor of bacon along with Red Chili and Mango Pineapple salsas. Watch as more famous friends drop in for a quick bite!

Mexican Hot Dogs with Virgin Mojitos

Can the Salsa Queen really go vegan? Another must-see as Salsa Queen makes her world-famous Mexican hot dogs using plant-based hot dogs! What? And then she outdoes herself by making a summer treat, a virgin mojito perfect for the whole family! Another fast, healthy, and amazing meal!

Lazy Chili Bowls

Need a quick, fast, and tasty meal?  Then check out this recipe for Chili Bowls.  It's definitely one you don't want to miss.