Recipes and Tips

Picadillo Tacos

Salsa Queen Maharba shared an easy, healthy taco recipe that with have you bursting with flavors.

Sunday Snacks

Maharba Zapata, the Salsa Queen, joins us in the kitchen this morning, and she shares with us her ideas of some of the great foods you can make for your super bowl party.

Super Bowl Burritos

The Salsa Queen visited Fresh Living with some easy and delicious Super Bowl Burritos.

Sopa de Cameron

The Salsa Queen Maharba Zapata visited Fresh Living with a great family recipe for Supa de Cameron. It's a great Mexican soup that is fresh, healthy and can be ready in 10-15 minutes.

Mexican Wraps

The Salsa Queen visited Fresh Living with delicious Chicken, Shrimp and Roast Beef Mexican Wraps.