Give Hope

The events unfolding in Afghanistan have been hard for all of us to watch. The violence has left many US citizens and allies in danger and many lives at risk. It's not a Republican or Democrat issue - it's a humanitarian crisis.

So that’s why we’re launching this donation drive to help lift our fellow citizens and allies out of Afghanistan and away from the very real dangers they face. It’s going to cost money, and to that end, we’re donating to charities that have been set up for this particular crisis:

• For any online purchase (, we will donate $5 per order

• We will do this through December, up to $10,000 overall

We hope that other businesses will do the same because at the end of the day, these are our friends, family members, neighbors and fellow citizens. We cannot abandon them and must do everything to protect their lives. We hope you can join us in this campaign.

For bulk orders, email us at:


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Give Hope