Boost Employee Morale

Improve Customer Loyalty

Create Sales Opportunities

Everyone loves gourmet salsas and dips so send the World's Best Fresh, Gourmet Salsa! Whether to boost employee morale, impress customers and prospects, or celebrate accomplishments, Salsa Queen is perfect! Say no to chocolates and candies!  Give something people actually want!

  • We hand deliver in the Utah area and ship anywhere in the US

  • We bring chips and salsas to your office with our catering options

  • Recognize your employees and their achievements

  • Celebrate Events (Holidays, Cinco, Super Bowl, Company Anniversary, etc.)

    Open sales doors by sending some gourmet salsas first

For bulk orders, email us at:

Salsa Queen Salsas

Our focus has always been on big, bold, authentic flavors with no preservatives. Each salsa is unique and individually crafted for the best experience. They’re never watered down or loaded up with fillers. So try for yourself and send to others…’ll never go wrong sending the best!

Big, Bold, Authentic Flavors

We only use the highest-quality ingredients so the big, bold flavors can shine through! The flavor profiles are so unique, amazing, and diverse!  Use them on your chicken wings, pasta, hamburgers, so much more!

No Preservatives

Our salsas are fresh and preservative-free.  We strongly believe that fresh is best!  If it can stay on a shelf for months at a time, then it's not fresh!

Family Owned

Started by a single mother to provide for her 7 children is now in nearly 1000 stores across 20+ states!  Salsa Queen remains a Certified 100% Woman and Minority owned business!

Fresh & Gourmet

Big, Bold, Authentic Flavors

We've got your back when it comes to salsa. We've got all sorts of delicious flavors from which to choose, from mild and creamy to fiery hot. But don't take our word for it - just try the Creamy Jalapeno with wings and you'll never go back to blue cheese again. Or the Queso Chipotle with pasta for the most amazing spicy mac and cheese ever! You can even use our salsas with beef, pork, or chicken in a crockpot to create flavorful seasoned meat for, really, anything.

Preservative Free 

We're committed to quality. We use natural ingredients like lime juice to help keep your food fresh. Plus, our tamper-proof film helps provide added shelf life while giving you peace of mind.

You want people to think you have the freshest salsa on earth but nobody trusts you anymore.

Try Salsa Queen - we promise your employees will never ask if it's still good because we guarantee it!

Family Friendly

Some of our biggest fans are kids. But the whole family will find something they enjoy; from mild to spicy. You can even mix salsas to create unique combinations. The Salsa Queen loves to combine Red Chili and Chipotle for an amazing seafood sauce. People have been known to lick the pan, it’s that good.