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Want to stand out with your customers, prospects and employees?  Make a statement by sending Salsa Queen!  Who doesn’t love fresh, gourmet salsas made with love?


Sometimes remote workers can feel isolated.  Recognize their value and contributions by showing them how important they are with a delivery from the Queen!


Want to spice up that plain old office meeting or event?  We'll bring the fiesta to you with one of our catered packages!  Perfect for birthdays, employee of the month recognitions, anniversaries, closing the deal, or any reason to get together!

Fresh & Gourmet

Big, Bold, Authentic Flavors

Our salsas are not watered down or loaded with fillers.  Our focus has always been on salsas bursting with rich, amazing flavors and textures that are extremely versatile.  Try the Creamy Jalapeno with wings and you’ll never consider blue cheese again.  Or the Queso Chipotle with pasta for the most amazing spicy Mac and Cheese ever! You can even use our salsas with beef, pork, or chicken in a crockpot to create flavorful seasoned meat for, really, anything. 

Preservative Free 

If you can open a bottle of salsa and have it last 6 months, it's not fresh. We believe fresh is best.

We use natural ingredients, like lime juice, to boost shelf life. Plus, our tamper proof film helps to provide added shelf life while giving you peace of mind.

Family Friendly

Some of our biggest fans are kids. But the whole family will find something they like; from mild to spicy.  You can even mix salsas to come up with unique combinations.  The Salsa Queen loves to combine Red Chili and Queso Chipotle for an amazing seafood sauce.  People have been known to lick the pan it’s that good.

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