Fresh and Freeze-Dried Salsas Crafted with Authentic Flavors

Our gourmet salsas have no preservatives, no fillers, and no compromises.  Our focus is on big, bold authentic flavors that the whole family will enjoy!

I grew up on Monterrey, Mexico until the age of 17 when my family and I immigrated to the US.  I didn't speak English so I didn't complete high school.  My first son passed away from childhood leukemia at the age of just 19-months, but I was blessed with 7 more.


I started Salsa Queen as a single mother to provide for my 7 young children.  We also selected the sugarskull as our logo since it is a symbol of 'Day of the Dead', which is a time to remember and celebrate loved ones that have passed on so it is a constant reminder of my first son.

It has always been important that our products have boldauthentic flavors with NO preservatives or fillers. You will find only the highest-quality ingredients in our fresh, gourmet salsas and dips, providing you with the most amazing flavors and experiences. Try us once and you'll never go back!


Thank you for being part of our story, believing in us, 

and enjoying our products.