Your Questions, Answered: Salsa Queen FAQs

Where's my favorite salsa?

Stores may not carry all of our products and in some cases, maybe your favorite salsa isn't there, but you have a couple of options.  First, contact the store manager and let them know which product you'd like them to carry.  You'd be surprised how big of an impact this can make.  Second, other stores/chains in your area may carry the salsa you want.  And third, you can always order online and we'll have it delivered!


Why different retail prices?

Our products have a suggested retail price of $6.49 - $6.99 depending on the region (shipping costs), but it is just that....a suggestion.  Some retailers may decide to increase the retail price over which we have no control.


How are the shipments sent? 

We ship our products in a recyclable Styrofoam container along with multiple cold packs.  Since our products are fresh, they need to remain cold during shipping and should be refrigerated immediately upon arrival.  Your order will arrive within 1 - 2 business days.  We ship Monday thru Thursday for standard orders so product arrives by Friday. Order cut off is 3 pm (Mountain time) so any order placed after 3 pm is processed the next business day.


How are shipping costs calculated?

Since our products are fresh, it means we have to ship via 1-2 day delivery.  West of Colorado to the coast, we can leverage 2-day ground which is significantly less expensive than when we have to ship East of Colorado where we have to use 2-day air.  The costs are direct from UPS without any markup.


What is the product life? 

For our fresh salsas, the Gourmet Pico has a  5-week 'use by' life and is naturally best when eaten within the first few weeks.  Mango Pineapple has a 7-week life with the other salsas having a 10-week life. 

Our Freeze-Dry salsas do not require refrigeration and have a shelf life of 3+ years.  Great for camping, boating, hiking or having salsas on hand in the pantry when unexpected guests drop in!  

Of course, once you start eating the salsas, they'll be gone long before the expiration date!


 Why should I create an account or get on a mailing list?

We don't spam.  We only send out important updates such as new product offerings or fun recipes that you won't want to miss.  Plus, having an account makes it even easier for you to place your next order!


Is the Salsa Queen single?

She is no longer that single mother, having married since starting Salsa Queen.