Family - Salsa Queen


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Perfect for families or larger groups with 5-10 individuals.  Contains one of each of our six salsas along with 2 bags of chips.
  • 16 oz container of Gourmet Pico
  • 12 oz container of Mango Pineapple
  • 12 oz container of Red Chili
  • 12 oz container of Roasted Tomatillo
  •   8 oz container of Creamy Jalapeno
  •   8 oz container of Queso Chipotle
  • Two 18 oz bags of Don Julio chips
  • One Branded insulated bag

Includes FREE Home Delivery in Salt Lake, Utah, and Davis counties.  For other areas, we can ship via 1 or 2-day delivery (depending on location).

If you want to pick different salsas, then order the package (Friends or Family).  We'll send out a confirmation email so then just reply to that email with the specific salsas you'd like and we'll deliver those instead.